Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as copper, cobalt, iron, nickel, magnesium, molybdenum, chromium, selenium, manganese and zinc have essential roles in diverse physiological and biochemical activities in the body. However, in high doses these heavy metals become harmful to the body while other metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, chromium, silver, and arsenic in minute quantities have delirious effects in the body. These heavy metals bind to proteins and nucleic acids, destroying these macromolecules and disrupting their cellular functions, causing acute and chronic toxicities in humans. Heavy metal tests detect and measure specific potentially toxic metals in the blood or urine.
Order codeMetalSpecimenDetection Method
HEA 701AluminumBlood/UrineAluminum Test Kit
HEA 702ArsenicBlood/UrineArsenic Blood Test Kit
HEA 703BariumBlood/UrineBarium Blood Test Kit
HEA 704BenzeneBlood/UrineBenzene Blood Kit
HEA 705BoronBlood/UrineBoron Blood Test Kit
HEA 706CadmiumBlood/UrineCadmium Test Kit
HEA 707ChromiumBlood/UrineChromium Test Kit
HEA 708CobaltBloodCobalt Test Kit
HEA 709CopperBlood/UrineCopper Test Kit
HEA 710LeadBlood/UrineLead Test Kit
HEA 711ManganeseBloodManganese Test Kit
HEA 712MercuryBlood/UrineMercury Test Kit
HEA 713NickelBlood/UrineNickel Test Kit
HEA 714SeleniumBloodSelenium Test Kit
HEA 715SilverBloodSilver Test Kit
HEA 716StrontiumBlood/UrineStrontium Test Kit
HEA 717TitaniumBloodTitanium Test Kit
HEA 718ZincBloodZinc Test Kit
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